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Another sunny day on Monday – and hot. My boy wanted to go for a hike up Verstovia, but all the way up to the peaky rocky top. I told him we’d see how it felt. We went up to the last cliff, where there is a little goat path around the face, and then there is a route through the heather to the top. But – below the little path it goes straight down a scraggy cliff. Maybe because last week a girl was killed in an ATV accident – and, like everyone else, I’ve done my share of stupid things –¬† I felt like this time it was a good thing to model saying no to temptation.

It was an amazing view from up high. And hot! It was so fun to hike with the boy. We took art materials, and both sat in the shade and drew the peak from the first peak.

Arrowhead by AsasmallThe boy’s picture, in colored pencil. He’s 9 years old but obviously a genius.

Arrowhead watercolor smallMy watercolor of the same view, as he pointed out, I made the mountain too small – I was trying to also draw the valley. First principle of art: it can only be about one thing.

Asa's drawing 2012smallHere is his drawing from last summer, from different mountain. See the charter boats returning to town –

IMG_5395smallThe mountain.



Luetkea pectinataIMG_5406small






IMG_9784smallGood bye, mountain!

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