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IMG_2312smallChoose Your Own Adventure

By the 2014/15 7th Grade Literature Circle

We used large sticky notes to brainstorm this. Image by a student in the 2015 Fine Arts Camp mini camp.


You wake up in your middle school bathroom. “Uh oh,” you think, “what if someone sees me there.” You hear the sounds of the jungle. “Hmm,” you think. “Middle school is wild, but not this wild.”

Do you:

Consider getting up, but you fall back asleep. Go to 2A

You get up and forget the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” and get up and explore. Go to 2B



You wake up again and look around. You are in another dimension. There is a Laser Unicorn right next to you. The unicorn runs at you and tries to lick your face off.

Do you:

want to hug it, go to 3A1

want to kill it in self defense, go to 3A2


You see trees growing out of the trash and fungi in the gym lockers. You’re scared but also curious. A coffee mug is sprouting an oak tree. You think this is the best and worst thing that ever happened.

Do you:

decide on a safe approach and hide in a locker where unfortunately someone left their lunch a little too long, go to 3B1

Go look out a window while standing on a desk. Eww gross you stick your hand in some gum. Go to 3B2.



The glittery unicorn gives a shuddering tremor, and then suddenly, it erupts into a poof of rainbow flames. You catch a whiff of peppermint poo, for some reason. After a while of the unicorn burning, a few mean, yucky, bright orange bears come into view.

“We smell peppermint. We eat you,” they say in a flat tone. Obviously they have not spoken much.

You fight your way through the bear’s sharp claws, but all too soon, you perish a sad, sad death.


The unicorn hugs you with its furry hooves but it starts to eat your hair. What do you do?

Let it eat your hair, go to 4A2A

Tell it to stop, got to 4A2B


Unfortunately, the old lunch in the locker becomes overpowering and you remember you accidentally shut the door. You die.


You see a rabid tiger. You panic but search in your pockets and along with the pocket lint you find a very squished cupcake and an old carrot. You know your only chance is to feed it something.

Do you: go for the the sweet choice (cupcakes) thinking that although it’s squished you like it, so they’ll like it. Go to 4B2A.

Or, do you go for the carrot, and save the cupcake for yourself. Go to 4B2B.



You let the unicorn eat your hair, and after a while you forget about the old school and you live forever in an alternate universe with your best friend the unicorn living off of peppermint poop and candy corn.


The unicorn gets extremely moody. After an irritated whinny and a flick of its irridescent tail, the pubescent pony trots away. However, after you poke around for a while, you find a minty mound of poo. It smells delicious, and you fight the urge to stuff every last sticky bite into your mouth. In the distance, a clear blue lake shines and glimmers.

Do you – throw it into the lake, because you’re afraid it’s toxic – go to 5A2B1

Or, do you eat the delicious peppermint poop. Go to 5A2B2.


The rabid Rabbitiger loves you but licks frosting off your face and you die from the stinging saliva that melts your skin and bones and fingernails.


You feed it the carrots, but that makes it upset. It decides to eat you, and you die. Start over!



The bratty unicorn gallops off, leaving a glittery, blue-green, minty-smelling poop. For a second, the smell overcomes you, and all you can think about is filling your growling stomach with this mint-smelling poop, then your senses return! That’s absurd! It’s poop! Ew! In disgust, you pick it up and throw it into the rather pink colored lake. When you throw it, your foot slips, making you tumble, into the sweet smelling water. The fumes of it play with your mind. You start singing of a turtle and a duck as you sink. Your mother was right, too much pink will kill. The end.


Suddenly, you wake up back in the bathroom where you started.

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Most Awesome Adventure Story

I turned around, startled by a noise, and as I did, I remembered why I was hiding and I prepared myself to face the horrors I knew I would see. Even then, I wasn’t prepared enough. The monsters from every child’s nightmare were standing before me, eating each other and the animals from the zoo. As I stood there watching in horror and disgust, I remembered how it all started.

Two weeks ago, I had gotten a vision. The vision said to kidnap 2 llamas and a rhino from the local zoo and bring them on a ship with me. Then it said that I would create a wonderful new creature. Little did I know that the llamas and rhino would cross – breed with the rats and ants on the ship resulting in an awful combination that were now in front of me eating each other.

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One of my most vivid childhood memories is when my whole family went to Disneyland in 2007. We had a lot of fun except for my brother who decided to touch a super hot light bulb pretty much as soon as we got inside the park.

I got to ride on a Dumbo ride, bumper cars, this beehive type ride, a ride shaped like a rocket, a haunted house elevator thingy, and my favorite, space mountain. The really cool part was, during the peak of the ride, it broke down. Now the space mountain roller coaster is inside a big building and is usually pitch black except for “space lights” that are flashing on and off. So we actually got to see the track, which was cool, but the best part was, as thanks for not freaking out, they let us ride again without waiting in line.

After that we ate dinner at a pizza place that made Ok pizza, and great balloon animals. I got a balloon fish! complete with a pole! The second night we ate at Rainforest Cafe and there we had a contest, there were two teams, the contest, who could finish the biggest item on the desert menu, The infamous volcano, first.  The teams: Team 1: Grandma, Grandpa,  Aunt, one of my cousins, and me. Team two: Mom, Dad, uncle, my brother, and my other cousin. It was tough, fudge was flying, rivalries were born, but in the end, my tremendous appetite gave my team the edge.

That was the last of the trip, after that, we all went home and had a good rest of Spring Break.

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